2019 Ford Focus GT Concept And Price

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Our favorite super car comes from Ford. I guess it’s the 2019 Ford Focus GT. We can not wait to see the next generation of the Ford Supercar, the 2019 Ford Focus GT. There are many things you need to know about updates and news about this type of car. There are rumors that this car is the version that will give you perfection and also the lowest price of another super car that you know. He hopes Ford engineers will be able to fix the first generation defects. If you want to have the experience of driving a super car at a reasonable price, you can try to find the full information on the car and the updates on it.

Exterior and Interior

There is nothing better than seeing a supercar like the 2019 Ford Focus GT get a special edition with the most famous livery of the automobile as its biggest attraction. Not only does it bring back the nostalgia for Ford’s incredible victories at the 1968 and 1969 Le Mans 24 Hours, but it does so with the supercar in Gulf Oil’s legendary light blue and orange colors. For those who do not know, the GT40 cars used by Ford during its two years of domination at Le Mans were also dressed in the livery Gulf Oil. Fifty years later, Ford offers a memorable trip with a special 2019 Ford Focus GT supercar edition in the same colors as the racing cars that conquered Le Mans against what was thought to be insurmountable obstacles. The nostalgia for these victories at Le Mans is lost for anyone, especially at Ford. “Many people consider the Gulf Oil paint system to be the most famous motor sport,” said Ford President Joe Hinrichs in a statement. “The 1968 GT40 quickly became a global sensation after beating its European competitors on the track four times in a row and in honor of the 50th anniversary of its victory, we pay a new homage to the original with a new limited edition of heritage. This is a special edition model well done, guys. Best of all, the exclusive touches do not end with the Gulf Oil livery. The Ford GT Heritage Edition also features exposed carbon fiber pillars. It’s a completely modern touch because carbon fiber was not invented 50 years ago. The 2019 Ford Focus GT Special Edition also features silver mirrored hulls, orange brake calipers and a new one piece, 20 inch forged aluminum wheel set with a gloss black stainless steel finish and black nuts. The general appearance of the outside speaks for itself. It makes no sense to expose it, really.

The interior is something completely different. Ford dressed the 2019 Ford Focus GT edition cabin with retro touches of kindness scattered throughout the spaces. The seats, the dashboard, the pillars, the roof top and even the steering wheel are covered with Ebony Alcantara. . Ford even worked on something as tiny as the tapestry pattern on the seats, showing that no detail is too small for a car that wears such an iconic livery. Some adjustment pieces have also been launched to the right extent. Pallets of change, for example, are anodized. The dashboard, door frames and x-clamp are finished in high gloss, dark stainless steel. And then there is carbon fiber, visible on the thresholds of doors, vents and the center console.


The engine of this superdeportivo is EcoBoost V-6 engine with two turbochargers 3.5 liters. It will produce about 647 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque. This power is possible thanks to direct injection and two turbochargers. Engine power to the wheels will be transmitted by a 7 speed automatic transmission. The new 2019 Ford Focus GT will not come equipped with a manual transmission because it would be difficult to control the amount of energy. This will give you the best engine with the super car combination. Speaking of new updates 2019 Ford Focus GT will get the best quality with all the features of the car will also give the best super car with power. To be sure of the power and speed with which people can drive it. So you can start looking for the information you need about engine power.

Price and Release Date

“9” is a nod to the number of Ford GT40 auto when it won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1968. If you prefer No. 6 graphics in the same places, you can expect the 2020MY the same model. Is this appropriate because this model will arrive in 2019, the 50th anniversary of the victory in the 1969 Le Mans Ford with the GT40 bearing, you guessed it, the number of the cabin No. 6. No detail has been published drilling, but do not expect heritage 2019 Ford Focus GT edition will sell for under $ 450,000 Ford to apply a standard model price. Maybe somewhere north of $ 500,000 is a reasonable price for the new edition of the Golf Oil2019 Ford Focus GT.

2019 Ford Focus Gt Oder 6 Vw 7 Drag Race

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