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2019 Pontiac Trans Am is an interesting and attractive sports car, made to be part of the collection in the garages of sports car fans, but also a very interesting sequel to the line of popular cars in the 70s Although There are some models made with the same goals, like SRT Demon, Trans Am is very different from this. However, do not be fooled by its sportiness and perhaps a little retro design. Trans Am represents a modern sports car that should be part of someone’s collections because it is made only in 50 units.

Exterior and Interior

As for the design and the 2019 Pontiac Trans Am firebird, the manufacturer decided to make a combination of classic and modern design and attractive. There is a recognizable rounded front with a wide air inlet and two mesh grilles and thin front lights with a LED line as daylight. The front is lowered and dropped to the ground, while the hood is flat and long, with a large air inlet at the top. The rear also has the traditional shape of the car and the thin fin on the top, with three interesting LED lines on the back.

As one does of a whole car to remember in the 70s, inside the vintage 2019 Pontiac Trans Am is combined with modern design and high technology technology. Future buyers will see large seats, headrests and embroidered floor mats, as well as painted door frames and dashboards. There are also classic vents. Although there is no great expectation of comfort, the manufacturer has not disappointed buyers in this area.


One of the best things about Pontiac Firebird and 2019 Pontiac Trans Am will be its strength and speed. Since the model has a powerful engine, powerful gasoline 7.4 liters (455 cubic inches) with 1000 horsepower as the latest model, and 1046 lb / ft of torque, perhaps the largest number of vehicles today hui. It is the current Generation V LT1 V-8 GM engine topped with a Magnuson TVS2300 engine, manufactured with special technology, but according to some information (and rumors) is being done in collaboration with NASCAR pilot and owner, Joey Arrington. The main competitor is Dodge Challenger STR Demon.

Price and Release Date

As we have seen, 2019 Pontiac Trans Am is a special sports car that has a lot of pretty details and probably the best engine the car can have at this time. If one adds to this its value of collector (only 50 units are manufactured), the price of 100 000 dollars does not seem too high. The main competitor could be Dodge SRT Demon, but many of the things and features of Trans Am are well above Demon.

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