2019 Seat Leon Concept And Price

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2019 Seat Leon will be larger than the current car, suggesting that it will have more legroom, although the current model is not lacking in these departments. the boot space must also be improved around 380 liters offered at this time, and should have a more convenient load and less lip for the transport of heavy objects.

Exterior and Interior

Details on the 2019 Seat Leon are currently a little thin on the ground, but it is very likely that the design is not too different from the current car. At the front, the new styling car that still distinguishes crisp cousin 2019 Seat Leon Volkswagen Golf, who shares the same parts. It is likely that the upper grille is larger and shallower, while the lower grille has an angular style with carved ventilation grilles. On the back, it is expected that the steps are wider wheels and the LED lights are thinner. The FR and Cupra style will feature larger exhaust pipes and more aggressive defenses.

Like the design, provide that the interior is very similar to the current car. SEAT style will make the interior sportier than the Golf, however, you should feel a lot more modern and fascinating car for sale now. That said, a new, enhanced touch screen infotainment system is taking a prominent place in helping the board look neat and stylish. 2019 Seat Leon will be larger than the current car, recommending will have more space and legs, although the current model is not lacking in these departments. The shoe area also needs to be improved on the 380 liters currently provided, and should be more convenient and less lip freight for the transportation of heavy goods.


The lineup includes the 1.0 and 1.5 liter Pinched Golf gasoline engine lineup, and also a 1.6 liter diesel. It is likely that this 2.0 liter diesel engine remains, has the most power while Lion, except Cupra, and is good for transport. It is unlikely to be used in 2019 Seat Leon 180hp 1.8 liter fuel because of the fact that it has not proved to be a popular choice to date. On the contrary, there will be a plugin hybrid version available since launch will use the basics of the Golf GTE, and could possibly have a mild hybrid model with a 48V electric system to allow the engine when a new drift gets off.

Price and Release Date

The new 2019 Seat Leon is planned in showrooms before the summer of 2019, and not too expensive the current model. Entry vehicles will start from around £ 18,000, rising to around £ 32,000 for Cupra’s hottest cupra.

2019 Seat Leon Diesel Dash Warning Lights Dsg Done

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