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Suzuki refused to answer if the 2019 Suzuki Grand Vitara kept a large off-road capacity, but said the idea was to give more space and power to his new Vitara. 2019 Suzuki Grand Vitara is already shipped to Europe in its current form and will remain a key vehicle for the Japanese brand. In addition, the number of sales in Australia is impressive, nothing strange given that the SUV market is flourishing.

Exterior and Interior

The new 2019 Suzuki Grand Vitara, even though its lines are largely repaired, remains a constant form established in the first edition. The hood is still high, which provides a dose of gravity and power. The hips are high, as well as the rear side doors, which are also the support of the spare wheel. The appearance of the 2019 Suzuki Grand Vitara has sufficient dynamism expected by customers eager to actively spend their free time. In addition, it can be said that the overall design of the 2019 Suzuki Grand Vitara uses rather conservative elements, without any type of artistic bronze and exhibition.

The Japanese school remains of simplicity and constant curves whenever possible. The central ridge is completely simple, well organized and functional. The instrumentation, with the configuration already seen of three round instruments, does not fascinate, but it does its job satisfactorily. The controller has a correct diameter and thickness, adjustable in height, but unfortunately not in depth. This means that people with long legs must handle fully extended arms. The front seats are configured to accommodate more fat people. The rear seat has an adjustable backrest angle and offers plenty of space in both length and height. The base pack of the new 2019 Suzuki Grand Vitara features air conditioning, blinds, central locking, remote unlocking, MP3 / WMA, CD + Bluetooth radio. In addition, a USB port, adjustable depth and height adjustment with audio and handsfree controls and seven airbags. The high and vertical seats provide excellent visibility, but when returning, you must have the spare wheel.


Here are many rumors about the engine that will equip the future 2019 Suzuki Grand Vitara. However, we think it is likely that it has the same engines as the current model. However, they should be more powerful. So, if that seems to be the case, the SUV Vitara will have a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine. This powertrain is capable of producing 166 HP and the 162 lb-ft pair in the current model. It is combined with a 5 speed manual transmission, but in the new 2019 model year, you could get the new dual clutch automatic transmission. As before, the AWD system will be standard. In addition, some sources say that the automaker will also propose a new engine. It could be a four cylinder, 1.4 liter turbocharged. Unfortunately, the result and any additional information is not yet available.

Price and Release Date

The price of the new 2019 Suzuki Grand Vitara is around $ 26,000. The basic model has power and is well equipped, but if that’s not enough, customers can opt for higher equipment levels. The best option is the Vitara Sport model, which will cost $ 33,000. It can be expected that Vitara’s approach will reach the automotive markets in the summer of 2019.

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