2019 Suzuki Swift Concept And Price

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The 2019 Suzuki Swift is better, as we saw in the first test of 2017, thanks to its flexible powertrain and well calibrated brakes that ensure a smooth transition between mechanical braking and regenerative braking. However, as it is not a plugin hybrid, the 2019 Suzuki Swift does not have much scope in EV mode and can only travel about 0.5 miles with electricity. A rear view camera with rear parking sensors is now standard on all models. The car is the only 2019 Suzuki Swift trim level that can be achieved with an exterior color palette in two shades. The journey itself was fluid and the imperfections of the road were barely felt. “

Exterior and Interior

Initially, there is now a larger critical grid at the front. Like most sporting devices, 2019 Suzuki Swift has a fabulous mesh and a much more dynamic structure. The black side next to the pub, which separates the top of anyone who runs inside the fender, is also exclusive to this model. Normally, the grille is undoubtedly in the middle of larger fog lamp housings when this separator below gives a feeling of aggressiveness to your mudguard. The interior in particular does not exceed as much as the outside. However, it is not surprising that this design is exactly the same as that of the regular model.

Fortunately, 2019 Suzuki Swift has managed to add additional features. For this reason, it can be said that the house of sport will be unique. Just in front of the tool cluster is an excellent flat surface steering wheel wrapped in thick leather designed for a much safer grip. The tire is more related to a smaller D model, so it is not too competitive. However, it brings a sense of sportiness to the cabin, when the familiar leather base brings it closer to rivalry.


The new 2019 Suzuki Swift uses a four cylinder, 1.2 liter petrol engine as previously, which produces a maximum power of 82 hp and a maximum torque of 113 Nm, while being associated with a 6 speed automatic transmission or a 5 speed manual transmission. . The automatic gearbox is a welcome addition to your list of offers. With a weight of only 920 kg, a fuel economy of 22 kmpl is reported.

Price and Release Date

The prices on the new 2019 Suzuki Swift are not yet available, but it is harmless to think that it will cost much more than any other SZ5 using the current standard type, priced at £ 14,499. It should also be cheaper than the all new GTi with the Fiesta ST, which should start at around £ 19,000 to £ 20,000.

2019 Suzuki Swift Lease Lowering Springs Deals Leather Long

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