2019 Suzuki Swift Sport Concept And Price

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Despite everything, 2019 Suzuki Swift Sport is extremely well equipped, it is also more spacious than before. Think of improved refinement and you will have a much more mature proposal for daily management tasks. However, in the momentum of the bonus, Swift has lost all its charm and appeal. It’s faster in a straight line and cornering, but the fun factor has been reduced. It is a more successful machine with a wide range of talents, but we would like to trade some of the polish for a bit of the magic of the old car.

Exterior and Interior

The 2019 Suzuki Swift Sport is based on a track 40mm wider than the standard Swift, while the ride height is 15mm lower and Monroe dampers are used in all directions. The front suspension of the strut receives heavier stabilizer bars. In addition, each wheel hub and its bearings have been combined into a single unit, with a wider tread width for a 15% increase in stiffness. In the rear part is the torsion beam of the basic model, but with custom suspension arms. It looks great in metal, the new 2019 Suzuki Swift Sport, with enough visual aggression to mark the standard car. The changes are seamlessly integrated and the revised bumper and front grille, side skirts and rear diffuser with dual-outlet exhaust add a sporty look, while 17-inch alloys offer a more muscular position. If you want to get even more attention, the new Yellow Championship paint option should do the trick.

Inside, you’ll find a pair of reinforced front seats and a flat-bottomed steering wheel, as well as plenty of red trim. There is also a red paint dotted on the dials, to which is attached an improved travel computer with several pulse counters and a G-meter. There is also a stack of kits, a touch screen of 7-inch infotainment to control radar navigation and autonomous emergency braking. Only the cheap plastic and rubber knob can lower the side. The start button and turbo engine light up silently. The exhaust is a sport system designed for optimal gas flow and noise characteristics, but there are very few hearing indications that this is something special. This is a theme that continues when you work harder in the unit, when it seems smothered and faded, which causes nothing more than a distant growl. This makes the 2019 Suzuki Swift Sport a much quieter and more efficient cruise, but it certainly does not make sense in a machine like this.


Powered by a brand new 1.4-liter engine, Booster and engine, the original 2019 Suzuki Swift Sport has undoubtedly reached 138 horsepower, as well as 170 foot-pounds. It’s an extra boost of eight horsepower with 50-pound points around the extrovert model. It’s pretty good for a new generation car, but it’s also very discouraging compared to what you get with the Volkswagen and the Ford, which each have about 200 horsepower.

Price and Release Date

The prices on the new 2019 Suzuki Swift Sport are not yet available, but it is harmless to think that it will cost much more than any other SZ5 using the current standard type, priced at £ 14,499. It should also be cheaper than the all-new GTi with the Fiesta ST, which should start with around £ 19,000 to £ 20,000.

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