2019 Tesla Roadster Concept And Price

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Tesla’s CEO said the car was a commercial failure, but it was part of a bigger picture, the Model S. Now, it seems like Tesla is finally ready to make a real sports car. Rumors about a 2019 Tesla Roadster began in 2015. So far, none of these rumors have been ruled out by Tesla, which could mean they’re actually working on a successor. Not long ago, an internal Tesla source said the next Roadster would be far superior to the previous model.

Exterior and Interior

As already mentioned, the 2019 Tesla Roadster will be a convertible, with two doors and two seats. It will offer a folding roof system. The new 2019 Tesla Roadster, which tends to be Tesla’s fastest car, has gained a more aerodynamic and sporty appearance. Elegant and round, this model is also aggressive and powerful. When you look at it, everything shouts fast, that’s for sure. As we have been informed, the new 2019 Tesla Roadster will be based on the same platform as seen in the Tesla 3 model and will share many features and features of the powertrain with this model. The 2019 Tesla Roadster will however be lower and its roofline lower. The front of this vehicle could have a whole new look with its chrome nose and slender headlights, and it is also possible that it carries the so called “electric butterfly doors”.

The luxurious cabin is without a doubt the first thing you can expect inside the 2019 Tesla Roadster. You’ll only find top quality leather seats and materials of the highest quality, such as wood , which cover the other parts of the interior. Tesla has always been known for the latest high tech options offered by its model. In the new 2019 Tesla Roadster, you will have a large touch screen in the center console. It will provide the latest entertainment, information and entertainment systems, so it will be equipped with navigation systems, radio, smartphones, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, high definition cameras and more. Perhaps the most interesting feature, also present in other new generation Tesla models, is the “autopilot” option.

It seems that the 2019 Tesla Roadster could have rear wheel drive and AWD versions. The power output should be between 400 and 500 horses north. It is very likely that all versions reduce more than 500 lb-ft of torque. This should allow the entire car to easily reach 60 MPH in less than 4 seconds. The maximum speed will probably be limited to about 150 MPH. Like the S model, the 2019 Tesla Roadster will receive a “ridiculous” mode that will make the car much faster than its usual driving modes. However, in addition, it is also said that Tesla adds the “Maximum Plaid” mode, a reference to a classic film of the 80s. With this mode, the 2019 Tesla Roadster should be able to be faster than the fastest S model available. at that time.

Price and release date

The 2019 Tesla Roadster will be launched soon. Although the manufacturer has not yet published a formal declaration on the date of publication, reliable sources indicate that the model will be used for retail sales in the course of 2018. Until now, the manufacturer has not did not deduct a lot of price. . Automotive experts who are very reliable say the model will cost about $ 109,000 for the base model. A higher price will be charged for higher equipment levels.

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