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If there is a car that appears in almost every list of “most enthusiastic cars”, it’s the 2019 Toyota Supra. The small two door sports car originally joined in response to Z cars coming from your competitor Datsun (Nissan later), but ended up becoming a special machine similar to those of a cult followers. Now, after years of rumors, speculation and dreams, the 2019 Toyota Supra is ready to return. With 2019 Toyota Supra launching the Racing concept at the Geneva Motor Show 2018 and a prototype at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the new generation coupe has gone from rumor to reality and a first official release is expected soon.

Exterior and Interior

Although the first prototypes have been released on public roads for more than a year, the next 2019 Toyota Supra has not released any camouflage yet. Of course, the body has received many updates in 2017, but Toyota is in no hurry to remove the film swirling. All the filling and mystery are still valid from July 2018, but there is a lot to say now that Toyota has introduced the concept GR Supra Racing and launched a prototype at Goodwood. The photos provide many details to look at, starting with the headlights. If you look closely, you will notice that they are complete LED units, which means that there are no halogen bulbs, no HID, no nonsense. They even look elegant, with three upper and lower LED units and a lighthouse set that plunges a bit into the nose. Of course, LED units will not be standard equipment, but the maximum range model will have them at no additional cost. I am not very interested in the gap up and out, but I feel that it will probably be remedied before the car goes into production. You will also notice that the LED light that goes from the top outer corner down before turning at an angle of almost 90 degrees to pull through the bottom of the light series. When the camouflage comes out, I think we’ll find that it’s very attractive and something unique. In addition, it should be noted that it is refreshing to see these small flagship units not envelop the corners in a ridiculous way, which is almost as bad as these cars with false fake vents in the corners. Inspired by the FT-1 concept, the main changes on our behalf are based on how we think the car would look like if it were in production, as well as the little details that get to collect spy shots. It should be noted that the GR Supra Racing concept was launched after assembling the image. Leaving the front, the extravagant F1 Formula 1 nose nose is admirable, but unfortunately, there seems to be something that can go beyond the design phase, rendering has a thin, divided input attenuated and the projectors based on GT86. Moving backwards, we can see the real production rear lights, which are really thin and are placed at the corners of the fascia. They also use LED technology, they seem to be based in some way on the fourth generation model. The shape is similar, although more modern in the new 2019 Toyota Supra, but we can also see groups of lights round, and the car was abandoned in 2002. Fortunately, the prototype of Goodwood gave us a good overview of some details of the return The huge back hips give it a muscular appearance, just like the tarnished cover. The inclined rear window reminds me of the previous generation of 2019 Toyota Supra. While the test cars only have a spoiler, the teastero shot shows a solid wing on the trunk. The big difference is probably due to the fact that the 2019 Toyota Supra will be available at different levels of equipment. The basic model will probably have only one spoiler, while the sportiest and most powerful version will have the large wing of racial inspiration.

Although I initially thought that the 2019 Toyota Supra would have a unique interior, it seems that the coupe will take many signals and features of the BMW Z4. We saw some in the first prototypes, but the consensus was that Toyota would change them as the vehicle moved closer to production. But the prototype presented at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which is almost ready for the assembly line, featured the same BMW parts. The steering wheel is very similar to the next Z4, with touch controls on the side rays and a light insert at the lower radius. Infotainment in both the screen and the controls on the center console are similar to the Z4, while the “stand alone” screen is a feature of BMW that we have seen in most vehicles of the company. Even the automatic shifter comes from BMW. The thin panel and the fine air vents seem inspired by the FT-1 concept. However, the thin panel and the thin air vents seem inspired by the FT-1 concept. The prototype also has a group of digital instruments. This is an important update of the first test cars, which have analog dials. On the other hand, the 2019 Toyota Supra input level could get analog dials as standard, with the digital cluster available through the list of options and standard only in the maximum range model. The rest of the cabin remains a mystery at this point, but do not expect the production car to be as aggressive as the FT-1 inside. Toyota needs to focus on comfort and luxury to allow the 2019 Toyota Supra to compete with products such as Acura NSX leather and offers contrasting stitching and aluminum trim, at least in more expensive models. These will likely be combined with sports seats and pedals, a group of custom instruments with a specific display for performance and the latest Toyota safety and technology features.


Four and six cylinder engines are planned, but they will not be shared. The 2019 Toyota Supra surely use a Toyota four cylinder in one of the most economical variants, while the wider versions get a new V-6 (943F codeword) reinforced by a set of Turbos to definitely push 400 horsepower and 300 lb -pi couple. A hybrid performance agreement which would certainly be shared is also a possibility. Without a doubt, more exchanges will be made in transmissions, suspensions and other parts of the frame. In these spy photos, we even see a BMW guide wheel, rods of columns and meters. Although the latest cars can share these parts of the cab, they can only be used during development. With regard to single fuel engines, they will probably come from BMW Z5, which would have been established with the company 2019 Toyota Supra by the 2. If it is confirmed that it is real, Toyota can take advantage of supercharged engines 4 and 6 cylinders of the German company.

Price and Release Date

The archives suggest that the cars will certainly be built on what could be taken into account on the neutral ground of Austria, by Magna Steyr. The production at an annual rate of 60,000 cars in total, will start sometime in 2018, and we hope that the cars are presented as versions of 2019. It is likely that Toyota intends to maintain the starting price of the 2019 Toyota Supra near the $ 40,000 mark, which is considerably less than the old design would cost towards the end of its useful life, even if the high performance variations would go much further.

2019 Toyota Supra Reg Horsepower Hot Wheels Headlights Hood

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