2019 Volkswagen Golf Concept And Price

2019 Volkswagen Golf Design Vision Symbols Dark Hatchback 1.6


After a few years of extensions, Volkswagen has given 2019 Volkswagen Golf the revised front and rear for 2018. The changes include new headlights, a grille and taillights. With all that is still fresh, we hope that the 2019 Volkswagen Golf will be a remnant.

Exterior and Interior

This development mule offers very little detail on the design of the new VW center hatch. What is clear is that the rear bumper has been lengthened, suggesting that the Mark 8 2019 Volkswagen Golf will be larger and more spacious than the current model. The wheels also seem to be pushed further into the corners of the car, which would improve the space for passengers and boots. Our exclusive images give us a good idea of ??the appearance of the new car, although the conservative modifications are the name of the game, so you can expect more complex light designs, pronounced creases and a new slim grille. style of the current model.

Our spy photographers managed to take pictures of the interior of the next car. There is a new digital screen that replaces conventional dials in front of the driver, which will be highly configurable and display information on driving, navigation, media and economy. With stand alone technology also configured as a feature, we hope it can also become a TV screen! Although it’s probably in a few years.


The 2019 Volkswagen Golf will probably be the first conventional family sedan to receive such an arsenal of automatic driving technology. It will pinch some of the gadgets of the new Audi A8 limousine, and it will be VW’s most connected model in the company’s history. A new 48V electrical system will power the car’s electricity, allowing the engine to stop completely when the car is not powered. This addition is one of the ways in which this new 2019 Volkswagen Golf will be cheaper than ever. Most models will also be able to disable the cylinders with a light throttle. The car will also be lighter than the model you can buy in showrooms at the moment, and the 1.2 liter entry level petrol will be replaced by a 1.0 liter engine that will save weight. The popular 1.5 liter gasoline from Volkswagen is expected to emit only 95g of carbon dioxide per kilometer, less than the current energy efficient Bluemotion model. A hybrid GTE model will use a naturally aspirated 1.4 liter engine and a powerful electric motor, while a fully electric model is not likely. Despite the growing demand for e-Golf, VW will probably not create a new version because of the hatchback ID, which will be released in a few years. The current range of diesel engines will be improved, but all should appear on the new line.

Price and Release Date

We hope that 2019 Volkswagen Golf will begin in September. In the absence of major changes, the 2019 Volkswagen Golf Awards are expected to remain the same as those of the 2018 model, ranging from $ 22,860 to $ 25,605.

2019 Volkswagen Golf Black Blue Boot Space Body Kit

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