2020 Jeep Cherokee Concept And Price

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2020 Jeep Cherokee will most likely have an RWD system although rumors interpret an alternative note. Some believe that all-wheel drive can be so regular for all parameters.

Exterior and Interior

Although 2020 Jeep Cherokee is still in a year, we already know some of its features. In addition, we already have the idea of ​​the concept and its appearance. We know that the Fiat group does not like to change the winning formula, so we can expect something similar to the latest models. The first thing you see in a car is its headlights, and they should be identical to the Jeep Cherokee. If it persists to be based on Jeep Cherokee, we should also expect a “Switchback” signature lighting. Long, narrow lenses should always be part of your taillights. Looking at the sides, the body line will be more muscular. A novelty is undoubtedly the new pillar D with the design “Shark Fin”. This design was presented with the Compass and Renegade models. It should also have another previous feature, and that’s the roof top sunroof similar to the previous models. The wheels should be pushed further away from the body to ensure better handling. The total size of the car should be similar to the models already present at Jeep dealers.

We know that Jeep hardly ever makes any significant changes on the outside, and we think this trend should continue with the 2020 Jeep Cherokee. If we could just describe the interior of this SUV with one word, it would be comfortable. . There’s plenty of room, including bottom leg room and fold down rear seats, which can be important when traveling a longer distance. The most important thing inside this car is its gadgets. A 12 inch vertical center screen is always an option, but we think it would be great in such a big car. Of course, you will have a 360 degree view of the interior. You must use Uconnect systems for your programs and applications. Wi-Fi ports and Bluetooth wireless connections must also be part of this car. Even though this SUV is primarily an all terrain vehicle, it offers the comfort of cabin cars, and it’s really a car for any terrain.


The types of foundations have 3. liters of V6 engine. In addition, a 3 liter turbo engine should generate much more than 240 HP. The largest reduction in the launch date of the 2020 Jeep Cherokee  includes 6.4 liters of V8, although for the moment this is only a probability. However, this engine can generate more than 475 HP and Fiat is eager to produce the most comfortable SUV at any time, depending on the options. The vehicle’s fans also make a noticeable difference in fuel economy thanks to trained technicians. The 3 liter turbo engine can return an EPA of 19 miles per gallon in the city and 26 miles per gallon on highways. To reduce gasoline consumption, unique preparations of preservative gas are elements of Fiat’s preparation.

Price and Release date

We said the best thing about this car is its safety and comfort. But the worst is the price. First, the estimates range from $ 30,000 to $ 60,000. Of course, that depends on a lot of things, from the engine version to the installed gadgets, but the real price we should expect is about $ 35,000 to $ 40,000. It will not be cheap, but certainly a bit cheaper than other SUVs in its lineup. The launch date of the 2020 Jeep Cherokee  has not yet been defined, some forecasts are expected until 2022, others predicting this year. There is still nothing official about FCA. With each departure, it will be a revolutionary car, in the sense of a more autonomous driving, but nothing more. Therefore, even if the publication date is still unclear, we hope to see it on the road before the end of 2020, to be honest. Again, this is not the final date. these are just our predictions

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