2020 Pontiac Trans Am Concept And Price

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2020 Pontiac Trans Am is just one version of a long list of models belonging to this version, including Bandit Trans Am and others. Although there are not many differences between these models, each of them has its own design and known parts. This model is made only in 77 units, so only those who are willing to pay a lot will be the owners, but let’s say this model is designed only for private collections.

Exterior and Interior

2020 Pontiac Trans Am SUV has the same appearance as other editions of this type, but there are also few areas that distinguish it from other designs in a category. It uses the broad lateral side of the muscle with a grid with more than double the capacity and wide frontal lighting. Under them, there is sufficient air consumption and curved fog lighting. The rear has a broad and almost smooth back with a thin spoiler at the entrance of the vehicle and a curved backlight. The car is large and is reminiscent of older Pontiac vehicles.

It is not difficult to calculate how spectacular and exciting the country house is in the 2020 Pontiac Trans Am. There is a big lemon with darkness on the chairs, while at the front of the engine appears a wide and fantastic dashboard with only the control buttons and the necessary instructions. Although the cabin style looks a little old fashioned and vintage, there are contemporary features, such as a huge touch screen during the dashboard and several buttons and control instructions.


Most rumors and recent speculation coincide in one thing: the 2020 Pontiac Trans Am will probably be equipped with a supercharged 6.2 liter V8. Although this information has not been officially confirmed and the figures and other details are not available either, the new 2020 Pontiac Trans Am in its most powerful version could possibly produce more than 600 horses. In fact, one possibility includes 662 horsepower and 631 lb-ft of torque, while others mention 580 horsepower and 556 lb-ft of torque. We will have to wait a bit and see each other. It is expected that this car will be paired with a six speed automatic transmission.

Price and Release Date

Those who really love this car know perfectly well that the 2020 Pontiac Trans Am SUVĀ  is not just the car; It is an automotive product in itself. One of the editions having been signed by the famous acting actor, Burt Reynolds, this is one of the models that can only be purchased as part of the individual selection. Keep in mind that only 77 models are created, so the $ 113,000 cost for the lower style is not that high.

2020 Pontiac Trans Am Smokey And The Bandit It Uk

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