2020 Seat Leon Concept And Price

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In addition to the new infotainment system, the fourth generation of 2020 Seat Leon will also receive a series of body styles, including a five door hatchback. Will use the Volkswagen MQB platform, the same platform models as the Audi A3 and the current versions of Volkswagen Golf, Passat, Polo and Tiguan, among others. The sedan will eventually be joined by a wagon and a crossover that will be located between the sedan and the Ateca SUV, another model of Seat that uses the same fundamentals of the MQB.

Exterior and Interior

Already in 2012, Leon was the second model of the VW group to use the MQB platform, the Audi A3 being the first. With the new 2020 Seat Leon, SEAT will no longer modify the architecture, but will continue with an improved version of the MQB toolbox. The flexibility of the platform will allow a longer wheelbase, the rumor says that it will grow about 50 mm (almost 2 inches). As a result, the new 2020 Seat Leon will offer more space to the rear passengers. Interestingly, the overall length of the car will increase in the same way, meaning that the front and rear overhangs will be similar in size to the current Lion. The automaker will make some structural changes to the 2020 Seat Leon range, giving up the body style with a three door hatchback. The hatch with five doors and the farm will survive, and they will be joined by a third model 2020 Seat Leon, a crossover slightly smaller than the Ateca. From a stylistic point of view, one can not expect a big surprise as to 2020 Seat Leon’s new appearance. As you can see in this representation of Christian Schulte Design, the compact will adopt an evolutionary design. Although the overall shape of the car seems to be the same, we could see details like more pronounced folds on the sides, a sharper front bumper with a refurbished grille, and more stylish headlights.

Inside, the new 2020 Seat Leon will have access to a new infotainment system that will include wireless updates for features, applications and maps. The company has already confirmed the new interface, which according to her will be the best in the market.


As mentioned before, in addition to the state of the art cockpit, the 2020 Seat Leon will also feature a plugin hybrid powertrain. This will be the first time this model will have this type of technology. The Spanish manufacturer promises better fuel economy and zero emissions. The Leaon hybrid is expected to pave the way for the first Seat EV to be ready by 2020. Currently, 2020 Seat Leon has eight different engines. The range started with only five, but it has grown rapidly. As a basic offering, we have a 1.2 liter, turbocharged 108 hp TSI engine and a 1.6 liter turbodiesel. They are followed by a pair of 1.4 liter gasoline engines that offer respectively 123 hp and 148 hp. One of the most popular engines in this model is a 2.0 liter diesel engine capable of producing 148 hp. At the top of the range, you’ll find a 1.8 liter TSI nitro capable of 179 hp and a 2.0 liter diesel offered with 182 hp.

Price and Release Date

2020 Seat Leon will probably be launched in the summer months 2019 to 2020 MY. Higher specifications and hybrid models will follow later in the year. There is also the possibility that we have to wait for the 2020 Seat Leon hybrid until 2020. But we must expect months of new photos and spy information that will undoubtedly appear on our way. As for the price, the year 2020 Seat Leon will far exceed the current market. With a promised new incredible technology and new electric powertrains, the price increase is well deserved. The current model starts at around $ 20,000, but the most expensive sports version exceeds $ 30,000. Most likely, the hybrid finds its place in the middle, depending on the level of equipment you choose.

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