2020 Suzuki Swift Sport Concept And Price

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As we have been informed, the Japanese company is about to introduce a more powerful and efficient version, as well as a faster and more robust version of the current 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport. The new 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport will also be greener and with few external and internal changes, it will attract regulars and fans of this model. It will also be cheaper to buy and operate.

Exterior and Interior

The new 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport will feature a lighter chassis. The short wheelbase and wide track ensure excellent stability and secure control at high speed. Some of the innovations include the hidden handle of the back door. With its grille and recognizable headlights, the new 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport will have a sharper design and a sportier look than the current model. Its sports kit includes a boot spoiler, a rear spoiler, two tailpipes, windshield wipers and automatic headlights and large wheels. The weight, as we have the information, will be reduced. The basic model will be equipped with 17 inch wheels.

Inside, a driver can get a very comfortable cabin. It will be spacious enough for four adult passengers. We can notice the clean and simple design of the seats that simply “marry” your body. Like most sports cars, 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport seats have side support that provides more grip control during maneuvers. There is also a three spoke steering wheel and a digital multifunction display with many options. Some of the innovations include new safety assemblies such as DSBS (double sensor brakes). The 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport offers you speed control, automatic emergency shutdown, air conditioning, DAB radio, satellite navigation and more.


The sporting variant of the last generation of speed was about 80 kilos more, with the same length and three doors instead of five. Also weaker: a vacuum of 1.6 liters with 136 HP. Stuck In 2011, it launched the 1.4 liter turbocharged four cylinder model that now drives the fastest model of the brand. The charger provides more torque: 230 instead of 160 Newton meters, which meet before. The charging pressure can be displayed on the on board computer. It’s a good thing, in practice but meaningless. The sense of balance says: from just under 3,000 rpm, the engine of the “Boosterjet” Reihe works absolutely satisfactorily. The thrust remains to be felt until the speed limit. Long before the needle reaches the favorable score of 8000 revolutions of the tachometer with a red support, the limiter uses. No jolts and acoustically unspectacular. In general, it does not receive banging noises from the duplex tailpipes in the rear end. In addition, the Turbo does not tweet anything before the runners when it slows the gas or shifts gears. Suzuki’s developers have emphasized moving in the shortest displacement. This makes the atmosphere even though corridors can be defined more precisely. There is no alternative to the six speed manual transmission. Suzuki offers the sports version only with front wheel drive, AWD is only available in combination with the entry level 1.2 liter engine. We miss the lower corner exit to a mechanical differential lock with 4 wheel drive. Yes, in most cases, the front axle with 140 hp faces. But occasionally, the inner wheel causes acceleration results. This means a loss of speed of a few km / h. By cons: it’s not bad. The 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport is not a stubborn pursuit after the last ounce of momentum or the last possible breaking point. The electronic stability program avoids too daring experiments and does not close easily. In addition, Suzuki did not interpret the car too much. The first sewer cover of the day suggested a circuit suspension. But the Monroe shocks only in the bumps are so rude. The quick change curves are an unexpectedly high spin for a model with “Sport” Schriftzug on the back. The upper 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport is fairly neutral for understeer, it allows the boarding of a bud from behind in the best case with a sharp RIP and turning.

Price and Release Date

In the rear view mirror, a 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport is the visible sport on the grid with wider mesh and sills with a carbon appearance. Also, only the fastest speed is bright yellow. He is known as the Yellow Internal Champion and refers to the collection of Suzuki titles in the Super 1600 category of the World Rally Championship. No surcharge is paid to the customers of the painting of the Championship, the other metallic tones provide the 500 euros each japanese. Therefore, the list of options would be exchanged. More can not add configuration, said Suzuki. In fact, the complete equipment becomes the argument of an ambitious initial price at first sight. The fast fleet of 21,400 euros included a 17 inch assistant director Prober, a slightly nervous city cap and an adaptive speed control of 40 to 160 km / h. Similar competitors, such as the one available until the end of May, Opel Corsa S (150 hp, 18,740 euros) or Abarth 595 (140 hp, compared to 18,490 euros), offer a lower price, with less standard equipment. The most powerful VW Polo GTI (200 HP, 23,950 euros) starts not far above the fast. A but all these alternatives hot hatch: heavy. Sports since June 2018 are fast at the dealership.

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